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Nowadays it is very difficult to imagine your life without online entertainment. dsads113sdgss–dsa=/2sdadas9dsad87( Their diversity allows us to have a good time and have fun. We have our own tastes and our vision of a good game, but there is one category that has won many hearts around the world. It’s about the online roulette games.

When it comes to not just playing, but plunging into the ocean of emotions and adventures – you came to the right address. To everything else when you are playing you do not need to think too much, build some complicated strategies or memorize. The game field consists of the roulette table and the roulette wheel in which the ball will spin and experience your fortune. Now we will discuss three types: American, French and European. We’ll figure out how they differ and which type suits you best.

American roulette

American roulette offers the player to guess the cell, one of the 38, on which to stop the ball. The rules outwardly very similar to a European one. But this version the game has an additional cell “00”. That is why this version of the game is also called a “double – zero roulette”. Newbies think that bets can only be made on numbers and the combination of numbers and therefore are afraid of experiencing good luck because they believe that the chance is too small. We hasten to please, the rates can also be made for parity and odd numbers and for the color of the cell. As you can see, this significantly increases the chance of winning. And you can spin the wheel with confidence that with a high probability you will get a win.

European roulette

In the European roulette the goal of the game unchanged. But now we have to guess among 37 cells. This version with one section “0” called “one – zero roulette”. On the field, you can observe numbers that are all painted white, which distinguishes this type from the American one. There the numbers have their own color. Bets are the same as in the previous version, except that European roulette has a special separate track for call bets. The player, when making such a bet, asks the dealer to place chips on the field in a special way.

French roulette

French roulette is almost identical to the European one. On it, you will also find 37 sections, between which you will have to choose. Differences you will find only in the structure of the playing field. The goal of the game is the same – to guess where the coveted ball will fall. The presence of call rates unites the French roulette with the European one.

All types have their own audience, numbering a lot of players. If you do not know which one to give preference to, you can try the free roulette. The site opens up to you a huge variety of slots. You can play roulette for fun. This game is unlikely to bore you. After all, even for the most insignificant bets, you get a lot of bonuses from the casino. You can always choose crazily animated roulettes and play while enjoying a beautiful picture. Casinos can hold tournaments so that you can to compete with forces and skills with other players, which undoubtedly adds excitement and interest. But before participating in a real tournament, we would still advise you to practice a free version of the game. The demo version will not let you squander your budget and spoil your financial condition for unsuccessful attempts. It will teach you how to handle this game. Soon you will get to know the process, choose the type that will suit you 100% and start winning real money. And lastly, I want to say that you do not even need to leave your comfort zones, in order to play your favorite games. The online casino lets you with the help of your phone or laptop be in the game.

Do not get upset and do not give up if you did not learn to win the first time. Do not lose the one who does not play. Join the world of excitement together with online roulettes and let luck be on your side!